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Tenzor International Cup 2022: The best judges panel are ready to work!

One of the most important part of any sports regatta is judging and security. Qualification, objectivity, impeccable knowledge of the Rules and the ability to apply them are the key aspects of judges’ assessment. The organizing Committee of the Tenzor International Cup 2022 series has carefully approached the selection of the judging panel and is ready to present its main composition.

The chief judge is A.V. Deyanova.

Anna Deyanova is an experienced specialist of international level in sailing, Chairman of the All–Russian Board of Judges from 2009 to 2020, with 40 years of judicial experience and 35 years of coaching experience. The chief judge of two World Championships in the “Micro” class, the European Championship in match racing, deputy chief judge of five World and European Championships in the classes “Finn”, SB-20, “Zum8” in Russia, Sweden and Estonia is only a small part of the high–ranking competitions where Deyanova worked.

The main umpire is O.A. Ilyin.

Oleg Ilyin is another outstanding specialist in sailing with 47 years of judicial experience. Member of the international jury of the 4th Olympic Games -XXVII-XXX Olympic Games (2000 – 2012), member of the international jury of more than thirty World and European championships, specialist in the rules of the Russian national team at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro (2016), Secretary General of the WFPS since 1993, author of books on psychology, tactics, Rules (PPG), textbook and dictionary on the English language of sailing, Honorary President of EuroSAF.

The Chief Secretary is S.R.Mansurova.

Svetlana Mansurova is a judge of the All–Russian category with experience in judging sailing competitions since 1980. She has extensive experience in judging of all kinds of disciplines in sailing: fleet racing, transfer sailing races, cruising, etc. On a regular basis Mansurova participates in the judging of Russian Championships, Russian Cups, World Championships and European Cups and other Russian and international competitions.

The composition of the umpires who will work at the stages of the Tenzor International Cup series is carefully selected by the judging panel and includes qualified and experienced specialists.