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Tenzor International Cup 2022: Pestovsky water area will host the first three stages of the Series!

The first three stages of the open sailing series Tenzor International Cup 2022 will be held in the waters of the Pestovsky reservoir, which offers ideal conditions for fans of water-motor and sailing.

Due to the wind rose and the configuration of the water area, the wind strength is often 2-3 knots higher here compared to nearby locations, which ensures that sports regattas are held even in unstable weak winds. Another significant advantage of the location is a good area, which gives better opportunities for setting the race distance both along and across under different wind conditions.

The area of the water area is 11.6 km2. Width up to 2 km, length about 6 km, depth up to 14 m. It belongs to the Moscow canal system, communicates with the Pyalovsky and Uchinsky reservoirs. It has outlets to the Baltic, White and Azov Seas.

In 2005, the Pestovsky water area hosted the Finn Class Sailing World Championship. 98 athletes from different countries of the world took part in the regatta for the main prize – the Golden Cup.

Also in this water area there are regular competitions on cruising and racing yachts in the status of the Championship of Russia (class “Carter-30”), the Cup of the Moscow region (class “Quartertonnik”), as well as the third consecutive year of the championship of the Central Federal District (classes “Carter-30”, “Micro”, “800”).

See you at the Tenzor International Cup 2022!