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Ludovico Fassitelli: “The idea of the Tenzor International Cup series is very interesting!”

Ludovico Fassitelli: “Hello everyone, I am the leader of the Junda team. This is a team from Monaco. We have been racing in the J/70 class for the last 5 years. Our goal is to have a strong young team. I am not as young as my guys, but we complement each other perfectly. Our team consists of non-professionals, but I am bringing one professional into the team to ensure that everything will be fine on the boat. It is not the first year we have been participating in the Monaco Winter series, there have been victories, and this season we are also fighting for the first place. Our best result was 7th place at the World Championships two years ago in Turkey, and we are very proud of this result. We know a lot of Russian yachtsmen who race in Monaco and not only. I remember Valeria Kovalenko well – we fought a lot with her last seasons at the Winter Series in Monaco, she is a wonderful person, very kind and interesting. I haven’t seen her here for a long time, but I’m following her progress in other competitions. The Russian Tenzor Team is now a very strong rival for us. The guys sail great, and it’s not easy to compete with them. I haven’t been in Russia yet, but I really want to visit the country with my family. I have two kids who know some Russian words. Russia is a very big country, plays an important role in the world and has a rich culture and traditions. So it would be great to combine participation in the regatta with a cultural program!

The idea of the Tenzor International Cup series is very interesting, and we are very pleased with such initiatives. We will think about participating, although this year the calendar is very tight in preparation for the World Championship in October in Monaco. For foreign teams, it is necessary to lay more time for logistics to Russia – a week, or better, 10 days. But it is always interesting to expand horizons and try new water areas. There is a great atmosphere in sailing, and in particular, in the J/70 class – we compete on the water, and we communicate very amicably on the shore. For this spirit of competition and the atmosphere of a big family, I really love the sail!