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Did you ask? We answer!

In this article, we have tried to collect answers to the most popular questions about the Tenzor International Cup Grand Final for you. So – attention!



From 10 to 13 November 2022.

The schedule for each day is here.



Azerbaijan, Baku, Neftchilar Avenue 62

GPS coordinates: 40.373166, 49.857010


What are the rules for entering Azerbaijan?

You will need a passport and a certificate of vaccination against coronavirus in English (“Sputnik V” is suitable). Instead of a vaccination certificate, you can provide a certificate stating that you have been ill with coronavirus (no more than a year should pass from the moment of the disease).


What’s with the money?

We recommend changing rubles to dollars (or euros) in Russia, and then changing them to manats in Azerbaijan. Otherwise, you risk losing the difference.


Who can take part?

The maximum number of teams is 15. The priority right to participate in the 4th stage is given to the first “top 15” of the final overall standings of the “Tenzor International Cup”.


How much does participation cost?

Entry fee*: 85,000 rubles (105,000 rubles if you apply less than three days before the start of the competition).

 *Together with the submission of the application,  you can sign up for training.

 You can read the changes to the documents here.

 The documents itself is here.