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ZID art Sailing Team will perform under the flag of Serbia at the Tenzor International Cup 2023

One more professional team – ZID art Sailing Team joined the entry list of the Tenzor International Cup 2023 series. The international crew, represented by the yachtsmen from Serbia, Russia and Germany, will compete in the tournament under the flag of Serbia in the following team staff: owner and helmsman  – Zoran Paunovich, tactician – Andrey Kirilyuk, trimmer – Daniil Banayan and bowman – Dustin Baldewain.

The ZID art Sailing Team always sets itself the highest sporting goals, and this season will be no exception. Daniil Banayan, the team’s boatman, told about the goals and objectives, rivals and strategies, organization and water area of the TIC tournament in a big interview.

In the 2022 season, the ZID art Sailing Team scored a victory at the second stage of the Tenzor International Cup and got “silver” at the first. According to the results of the series, the crew took 6th place. What did you remember about the first season of TIC and how do you rate your performance?

Daniil Banayan: The season was remembered primarily for its novelty: a new water area, a yacht club, a fleet, and even a format. Races with a short-distance transfer are most often held in a fleet of 7-9 yachts, here the teams have 14 boats at their disposal, undoubtedly, this makes adjustments to the strategy for the regatta. Of course, the level of organization was also remembered: by creating a new series, Tenzor Sailing Club took into account the experience of other Russian and international racing series, worked out weaknesses and supplemented the events with their fresh ideas. We evaluate the performance well, we showed a stable result in the first two stages, which allowed us to climb the podium, but the third stage did not go so smoothly. It so happened that our successes in the first two stages were not enough: of the three regattas, one was “thrown out”, and not the final. We expect that in the new season, the organizing committee will finalize the system for calculating the results of the series in such a way that teams consistently showing high results have a higher chance of winning.

What sports goals do you set for the TIC-2023 season?

Daniel Banayan: “In the 2023 season, the ZIDart team is confidently looking in the direction of the podium! We plan to show consistently high results throughout the season and we are confident that this will lead us to the podium of TIC-2023.”

How do you assess the opponents participating in the Tenzor International Cup in general and can you single out those who surprised you with their level and with whom they had an interesting fight?

Daniel Banayan: “Most of the competitors are well known to us, together with them we have already performed in many racing series over the past 3-4 years. Last season introduced us to a lot of “young” and unexpectedly strong teams, I think it would be unfair to mention one or two of them in relation to the rest. We are glad that new teams are being created thanks to TIC!”

TIC stages took place in different weather and wind conditions. Which ones were the most favorable for you?

Daniil Banayan: “Traditionally, the conditions of strong wind are the most comfortable for the ZIDart team, which, unfortunately, do not often happen at the relatively small Pestovsky reservoir. Our team does not often rotate in the composition, so we are well coordinated – this gives us an advantage in a strong wind. However, even in a weak wind, we manage to show good results. Therefore, we do not call the conditions more or less favorable, we are determined to win in any weather conditions!”

Did you manage to understand the features of the Pestovsky reservoir water area over the past season and use them in the fight?

Daniil Banayan: “Definitely, yes. A lot has become clear during the first season. However, as in any case, the further into the forest – the more firewood. We are confident that in the new season the opponents will also be better prepared, which means that we will solve new tactical tasks and look for new features of the water area that will help us win.”