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Valentin Uvarkin: Tenzor International Cup is a real marathon of races!

The RUSSO TRANS team consisting of Yuri Morozov, Valentin Uvarkin, Pavel Savenko and Alexander Grishunin confirmed their participation in the Tenzor International Cup 2023 series.

In the 2022 season, the crew raced in the same staff at all stages of the tournament, scored a “bronze” podium at the first stage and, as a result, closed the top ten of the overall Tenzor International Cup standings.

The well-coordinated team staff of RUSSO TRANS and the professional skills of each of the team members are a good foundation for a successful performance in the upcoming tournament.

Team tactician Valentin Uvarkin spoke about the team’s goals and what is the difficulty of the Tenzor International Cup regatta series.

Valentin Uvarkin: “We consider the 2022 season positively for ourselves, and we are very glad that we got a prize podium at the first stage of the Tenzor International Cup. The water area of the Pestovsky reservoir is not easy, and speaking of weather conditions, of course, we like it more when the wind is blowing and it is stable. We sail more confidently in such conditions, as the rules of how to run the race are clear, but the Moscow region does not always give such an opportunity.

Tenzor International Cup is held in the format of races with transfers, and this has its own specifics and complexity. For a successful performance, you need to be tuned for every race – the mood is very important. Each stage is a kind of marathon of races, and not all yachtsmen can race the whole series always in same rhythm. Usually it is well, then badly and again the same “up and down”. Whoever races consistently good, even if not always on top, but close to the leaders, finally wins in overall standings. To gather strength, thoughts, tune in emotionally, keep yourself in good shape every race and get charged for the result – these are the main factors of the crew’s success when a large number of races are held.

Our goals this year are to enjoy racing, to become better as a team, to find possible problems and eliminate them during the races. If everything goes well, we hope for a decent result both at separate stages and in the overall standings of the Series.”