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The second stage of the international series Tenzor International Cup 2023 determined the winners of the regatta

On July 9, the results of the second stage of the international series of sailing regattas were summed up at the Tenzor Sailing Club Yacht Club. 26 crews from 15 regions of Russia and neighboring countries – Belarus and Serbia – competed for the prize medals.

For three racing days, the strongest yachtsmen caught unstable winds and waged an acute tactical struggle in the vastness of the Pestovsky reservoir – the largest water area of the Moscow region. Not everyone managed to cope with the rebellious elements, as well as cope with nerves. During the 24 races held, there were a lot of false starts, violations of the rules, as well as annoying finishes at the end of the peloton, which repeatedly changed the positional alignment of teams in the classification.

The competition program started with the opening ceremony with the participation of honored guests, including Pavel Sobolev, Executive Director of the Russian Sailing Federation, as well as Burak Zengin, an international specialist, professional yachtsman and organizer of the Turkish Tour of Turkey series of races, with whom Tenzor Sailing Club is actively and fruitfully working this season. Zengin stressed the importance of attracting foreign teams from Turkey and Europe to the Tenzor International Cup series in order to make the squad international and even stronger.

Konstantin Nosov’s Nord team took the lead after the first race day, but they failed to hold the position until the finish, and according to the results, the crew was only in 9th place.

Stability and nerves of steel played to the benefit of the Akhmat team, which showed arrivals in the top three and with a large margin won the second stage of the Tenzor International Cup 2023 and took the main prize – a tour to the fashionable five-star hotel in France Chais Monnet&Spa Cognac from the tourist boutique L’avantage.

There was a fierce struggle for the second and third places, and the teams, replacing each other, could not guarantee themselves a place on the prize podium until the final race. As a result, fortune was favorable to the “Russian Bogatyrs” of Igor Rytov, who took the “silver” and the Serbian ZID art Sailing Team of Zoran Paunovich, who won the bronze medals of the stage.

The final day of the race decided the outcome of the regatta not only for podium contenders. There was a very weak wind at the first starts of the final day, but during the competition it was blown up, and the final races were already held in ideal racing conditions, although the setting wind presented its surprises, coming from different sides.

The Bars Sailing Team had every chance to be on the podium, but the final two races with the 10th and 12th arrivals did not allow Maxim Batrakov and his crew to rise above the 4th place.

Fata Morgana Evgeny Andrianov and Tenzor Team Andrey Pushkin finished the stage in the top six.

The top ten of the strongest at the second stage were supplemented by the prize-winners and winners of the first stage of the Series – the PAVETRA and Hubex/Pirogovo teams, as well as the Nord and PEC: Sport crews.

Slightly lower in the ranking were no less strong and talented teams, such as Skolkovo Sailing Team 2, Dolce Vita, Russo Trans, Eyed Mushrooms, Pirogovo and others, whose crews were the real giants of sailing.

Alexandra Chicherova from the PAVETRA team became the best “helmswoman” of the stage in the special women’s nomination of the Tenzor International Cup 2023 tournament for the second time this season, ahead of many girls.

The winners, prize-winners and participants of the competition were awarded with pleasant gifts from the chain of beauty salons SACO, the tourist boutique L’avantage, the cosmetic brand Elitmud, the company “Pekta”, the fashion house Nina Ruchkina, the salons “Kangaroo”, HC “Spartak” and premium cosmetics DUAR.

Participants will be able to take revenge and compete for scoring points of the decisive third stage of the Tenzor International Cup 2023 from September 7 to 10 at the Tenzor Sailing Club, where the results of the Russian tournament grid will be summed up.