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The Quarantine team for the first time at the Tenzor International Cup 2022

The Quarantine team will make its debut in the applications of the third stage of the international series of sailing regattas – the open Cup “Tenzor International Cup 2022”.

The crew consisting of Dmitry Chukovsky, Georgy Lebedev, Egor Larionov and Tatiana Larionova is preparing for an interesting fight with strong rivals in the new water area of the Pestovsky reservoir.

Georgy Lebedev: “We are a young team, and we started racing not so long ago – in the pandemic year 2020. Last season we participated in the Tenzor Cup series and passed all the stages. This season at TIC-22, the main task is to improve our own results compared to last season, and, of course, gain experience in the fight against strong teams. We don’t count on prizes, but the experience will be invaluable. We will sail on the Pestovsky reservoir for the first time. According to our friends, the location is not the easiest, Egor Larionov went sailing there and we have theoretical knowledge about this location. On Thursday we will be in training and will already look at the water area live and adjust our strategy.”