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The presentation of the Tenzor International Cup 2022 will be held in Monaco

The presentation of the first edition of the Tenzor International Cup 2022 series (TIC-22) will be held in Monaco from February 3-6 with the support of the Monaco Yacht Club (YCM).

The presentation program will include a “promo stage” of the TIC-22, which will be combined with the third round of the Monaco Sportsboat Winter Series 2021/2022 – an annual and very popular competition held in the principality and gathering a large number of participants from around the world.

Participants registered in the third round of MSWS 2021/2022 can participate in the “promo stage” of TIC-22 without additional entry fees.

The regatta is regulated by the Notice of the race. You can register ONLINE. The event organizer is the Yacht Club of Monaco.

As part of the presentation, the TIC-22 organizing committee will present to the general public – competitors and press the main calendar of the Series, as well as details about the conditions of participation.

After the finish of the regatta, the prize-giving ceremony will take place for participants of the “promo stage” of TIC-22. The top three winners will receive special Trophies and gifts, and the winner will receive a Certificate for free participation in three Russian stages (Acts 1-3) of the Tenzor International Cup 2022 in Pestovo.

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