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Tenzor International Cup 2022: Starting to present the competitors with “Russian Boagtyr” team

The Tenzor International Cup 2022 project would not exist without its main figures – competitors of the Series. The interests of athletes are always our priority, and their sporting successes, stories and vivid interviews are an integral part of the great sailing history of the project.

We open the “TIC-22 Competitors” area, dedicated to the competitors of the 2022 season series.

Igor Rytov’s «Russian Bogatyr» team was among the first to confirm its participation in the Tenzor International Cup 2022 series.

The titled team, which successfully competes in sailing competitions in Russia and the world, has a lot of trophies, including the “gold” of the 2017 European Championship in Melges 20, the victory in the Rolex Middle Sea Race IRC overall, the “silver” of the Melges 20 World Championship 2020/2021.

The press service of TIC-22 talked with Anton Sergeyev, the trimmer of the staysail and the genaker, asking him a few questions.

TIC-22: What are the main goals for your team set for the 2022 sports season and the Tenzor International Cup?

Anton Sergeev: The season will not be easy, therefore, according to the goals in the season and in the Tenzor International Cup series, we want to get satisfaction from the team’s performance, its development, to enjoy racing, communication with other teams. Sports ambitions, of course, have not been canceled either, so we will try to win the series.

TIC-22: Have you ever sailed in the water area of the Pestovsky reservoir?

Anton Sergeev: Not all of us raced there a lot. I’ve raced a “Carter 30” about 10 times, but that was a long time ago, back in the 2000s.

TIC-22: You have performed in different yacht classes. Have you already sailed the mX700 or will it be your first experience at the Tenzor International Cup?

Anton Sergeev: There is little experience on the mX700, but we have already sailed on this class.

TIC-22: What, in your opinion and experience, is the formula for success at any regatta?

Anton Sergeev: In the long term, the result consists of many factors. This includes the ability to control a boat, knowledge of meteorology, knowledge and experience in setting up rigging and sails, and correct work on mistakes. In fact, it is the systematic approach that gives the result.