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Skolkovo Sailing Team confirmed participation in the second stage of the Tenzor International Cup 2022

The Skolkovo Sailing Team has joined the lists of participants of the second stage of the Tenzor International Cup 2022 Series.

The crew consisting of Elena Mukhametzyanova, Andrey Davidyuk, Radmila Khamzina and Alexey Vasiliev has enough experience in sailing. In addition, all team members are full of aspiration and activity to set serious sports goals and achieve high results.

We talked about the goals for the regatta, the water area and the rivals with the helmsman Elena Mukhametzyanova.

Elena Mukhametzyanova: “We participated in the Tenzor Cup regattas two years in a row and know firsthand about the event, so although not immediately, we decided to take part in the Tenzor International Cup series in the 2022 sports season. The water area of the Pestovsky reservoir is well known to me. I have been going there on the “Luch” boat  for four years now with sailing school “Sails of Green Cape” and started training on this class  exactly where the Tenzor International Cup competitions are taking place now. However, given that all Moscow’s waters are unpredictable, you never know what to expect. Maybe some advantage of knowledge of the water area we will have, but the teams at this tournament are all strong, and many have trained for more than the first time in Pestovo, so let’s see how the competition develops. Races with transfers are a good format, the NSL has about the same story, the only thing is that transfers to TIC take place directly on the water. I like the races with transfers more, because you can relax between races, communicate with sailors. We have a fighting spirit, but we objectively assess our strength, and our plan is to finish in the middle, and even better, if we manage to enter the top ten!”.