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«Seven Apples» is a new team at the Tenzor International Cup 2022!

The «Seven Apples» team is confidently paving the way to sailing, and an important step in the team’s sports history will be participation in the Tenzor International Cup 2022 series.

According to Svetlana Romanova, the team made the decision to participate in TIC-22 literally in a day, and then began training, preparation and a keep a great desire to raise sails as soon as possible in companies with strong and professional teams.

Svetlana Romanova: “The name of the team “Seven Apples” is symbolic: we are like one big family – we are all friendly, and we also love apples! With Alena as helmswoman, we are participating for the first time, as well as with Igor Puzanov. Most of the regattas were held with Alexander Davydov: we sailed with him to Greece, to Abrau … And in our new line-up it will be a kind of team debut. The Pestovo reservoir is already familiar to me, I participated in weekend regattas and raced to Pestovo several times. In general, my journey to sail began in Greece with a regatta, where we raced in a squally wind at 60 knots, and I got all the “33 pleasures” there. After that, I loved the sails so much!”.

Alena Shchukina: “Our team will perform for the first time in such team staff: we have as more experienced guys, and less as well. In addition to our wonderful tactician, Igor Puzanov, we are all amateurs who get great pleasure from sailing and strive to develop in this direction, so we decided to take part in the status regatta Tenzor International Cup! The participants of this project are very strong, sailors of the highest level! So we are waiting for interesting races and we will fight! We are a little familiar with the mX700 yacht, we drove a couple of regattas on it, but the water area of the Pestovsky reservoir will be a discovery for me personally. I have experience of racing at the Pirogov reservoir, I hope it will help us. We are looking forward to the start!”.