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RUSSO TRANS team will add intrigue to the Tenzor International Cup 2022

Experienced yachtsmen from the RUSSO TRANS team are ready to fight for the podium at the Tenzor International Cup 2022  Series.

Yuri Morozov as the helmsman, Valentin Uvarkin as the tactician, boatman Pavel Savenko and bowman Alexander Grishunin – in this team staff  the RUSSO TRANS crew members will race on the TIC-22 series.

Valentin Uvarkin: “Our team was formed recently, and we are just starting to race in such an updated staff, but all crew members are experienced yachtsmen. Yuri Morozov showed good results in the Melges 20 class, went to the “eM-Ka” a lot. He is an experienced helmsman in different classes of yachts. The rest of the team members have a rich personal records and a large number of completed regattas both in Russia and abroad.

I personally raced a little on the Pestovsky reservoir, mainly on yachts of the Karter30 class. The water area is not quite clear yet, but it is interesting. I participated in the May regatta organized by Tenzor Sailing Club, and I liked the wind, the water area, the judging and the distance. The races here should be interesting: the wind turns great, so the situation on the water changes many times during the race. This will add intrigue.

We have not yet raced the mX700 in such a composition, for the helmsman – this will be the debut in this class, but I can say for myself that the boats are different from the J/70, there are features and nuances. The MX700 behaves differently on different courses, including on turns, and it is necessary to get used to it and gain practice so that this boat can be dispersed in any weather. At the Tenzor International Cup, we will try to show our capabilities as much as possible, we will fight and hope to win prizes at the stages. We will try to be on the podium and in the final of the series.”