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“Russian Bogatyrs” aims to repeat their success in the Tenzor International Cup 2023 series

The winners of the series “Tenzor International Cup 2022” – “Russian Bogatyrs” team – are preparing to defend their title in the 2023 season.

The team of Igor Rytov, Konstantin Besputin, Anton Sergeev and Alexander Patrushev last year had medals of all three values – “gold” of the first stage, “bronze” on the second and “silver” on the third, as well as the main trophy of the Series – the prize-cup Tenzor International Cup 2022!

Rich international experience and excellent mutual understanding in the team allowed the “Heroes” to consistently race in the group of leaders, although there were situations that threw the leaders behind the top ten.

In an interview with trimmer Anton Sergeev, we remembered these bright moments and talked about the goals for TIC-2023.

Anton, in the 2022 season, your team became the winner of the Tenzor International Cup! What moments of the regatta have become the most vivid?

Anton Sergeev: “Every race is like a small life, but, of course, the best thing is remembered – winning the first stage and all the Series, and, of course, our “come back” at the second stage of the Tenzor International Cup 2022.

What sports goals do you set for the TIC 2023 season?

Anton Sergeev: “To race, have fun, make as few mistakes as possible, and also show the level of our team!”

The second stage of TIC-22 was especially stressful for you, and the team from 13th place after the first race day was able to get on the podium at the end. How did you manage it, what is the main thing in situations when you lose positions and the races don’t turn out the way you would like?

Anton Sergeev: “Don’t give up” – it’s banal, but absolutely true! Our team knows how to hold a punch.”

Together with the Tenzor International Cup and other regattas of the Tenzor Sailing Club Yacht Club, many participants discovered a new location and the water area of the Pestovsky reservoir. What did your team like about the location and the water area?

Anton Sergeev: “For a location near Moscow, this water area is very spacious. There are not a huge number of motor yachts around, and good winds are blowing.”

Does your team believe in omens, and do you have sports rituals before the start?

Anton Sergeev: “We don’t really believe in omens, there are no special rituals before the start either. A good start, a fast boat, excellent technique – these are the signs that are needed for an excellent result!”