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NORD is the winner of the grand final, AKHMAT is the champion of the Tenzor International Cup 2023 Series

On November 5, the results of the grand final of the international sailing tournament Tenzor International Cup 2023 were summed up in Sochi, and the champion of the entire series was determined.

The incredible three racing days in the Black Sea gave the participants unforgettable emotions. The yachtsmen had to show their skills in completely different weather and wind conditions.

The start of the regatta was extreme – waves up to 2 meters, a wind of 20-22 knots led to numerous broaching, as well as broken rudder feathers – and all this in one race! The top three teams on this day were Russo Trans of Yuri Morozov, “Russian Bogatyrs” of Igor Rytov and ZID art Sailing Team of Zoran Paunovich.

The second race day turned out to be smooth and fruitful. The Race Committee launched 5 races, which were very dynamic. A tight fight on the rounding, minimal gaps at the finish, and of course an incredible intrigue based on the results. Tactics played an important role in successful parishes, as the wind played, gusts came from the shore, then from the sea, and it was important to catch the slightest changes.

Victor Serezhkin’s Fata Morgana team was in the leaders of the day thanks to two races won and stable arrivals in the “top 5”. The crew of Konstantin Nosov’s Nord team had a great race day, who skillfully used speed, tactics and good knowledge of the water area, and was able to lead the overall standings of the regatta following the results of two racing days. And a number of the strongest teams competing for the podium prize, good arrivals in the leading group alternated with departures to the second ten. Among them were “Russian Bogatyrs”, Hubex/Pirogovo, Pavetra and even ZID art Sailig Team could not hold positions in the top three.

The third competitive day repeated the first one in terms of the number of races – only one race took place. The reason was difficult wind conditions. The wind turned sour twice after the start, and the judges had to cancel the races that had already begun. In addition, the distance was rearranged several times due to a sharp change in wind direction.

But still, the race committee successfully launched and accepted the finish of the seventh regatta of the race. The first arrival was recorded for Maxim Batrakov’s Bars Sailing Team, Alexander Bozhko’s AKHMAT crew finished second, Kirill Frolov’s Hubex/Pirogovo team closed the top 3. Pirogovo, Pavetra and Tenzor Team completed the race in the top six.

The leaders of the overall standings did not show the best results, but they did not lose their positions, despite the fact that Nord made the 15th arrival, and Fata Morgana – the 16th. According to the Nord helmsman Konstantin Nosov, their task was to control the nearest rival – the crew of Viktor Seryozhkin, and even the arrivals for ten were justified, since the team had a margin of safety.

Following the results of the third race day, the results of the grand final were calculated, as well as the results of the entire Tenzor International Cup 2023 series were summed up. The honorary guests of the award ceremony were the President of the Sailing Federation Sergey Dzhienbayev, the Executive Director of the Russian Sailing Federation Pavel Sobolev and the President of the Sailing Federation of the Krasnodar Region Alexander Mazurin.

The bronze medals of the Sochi stage were taken by the AKHMAT team representing the Chechen Republic. The team received a check for 150,000 rubles from the title partner of the regatta – Tenzor Consulting Group, as well as fine wine from the Chateau Tamagne wine brand.

“Silver” and the first podium in the series from Victor Serezhkin’s FATA MORGANA team, who earned 250,000 rubles in prize money.

And the winners of the grand final were Konstantin Nosov’s NORD team. The team received a solid cash prize of 400,000 rubles from the title partner of the regatta.

The results were summed up in the women’s competition. The best coxswain of the grand final was Elena Mukhametzyanova from the Skolkovo Sailing Team-1. The yachtsmen participants were awarded special prizes from the cosmetic brand Alexskin, the wine brand Chateau Tamagne and the first amateur racing club WRace.

The strongest sailing teams completed the regatta in the top 10, each of which competed for prizes. These are Bars Sailing Team, Russo Trans, Tenzor Team, ZID art Sailing Team, Skolkovo Sailing Team-1, “Russian Bogatyrs” and Dolce Vita. The winners of the first stage of the series – Kirill Frolov’s Hubex/Pirogovo team, as well as the “silver” winners of the first stage – Pavetra team were in the second ten due to unsuccessful arrivals.

Sailing is unpredictable, and the results of the grand final of the Tenzor International Cup 2023 were a sure confirmation of that! The fight went on until the last race with rivals, with the elements and with ourselves!

The main event of the award ceremony was the presentation of the main trophy of the series – the Tenzor International Cup 2023 Cup to the champions of the season – the AKHMAT team, which according to the final results in four stages beat the closest rivals – the Bars Sailing Team and Nord teams. The three prize-winners at the end of the series received certificates for cruises from the tourist boutique L’avantage.