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New participants of Tenzor International Cup 2022: RUS7 team

We continue to announce with the participants of the first stage of the Tenzor International Cup 2022.

Kirill Podolsky’s RUS7 team will start the regatta after a big 2-year break in their sports career, but experienced yachtsmen are sure that there is no better way to get in shape quickly than to race among the strong at competitions such as the Tenzor International Cup 2022.

Kirill Podolsky: “Our RUS7 team is well known in sailing, but we interrupted competitive practice for a couple of years, and now we are coming back and are going to start racing seriously again. Evgeny Egorov and Roman Konstantinov are permanent members of the team, and the crew will be supplemented by a newcomer of our team – Kirill Bulatov. We raced in the RC44, TP52 classes and the sailing community in Russia and in the world knows us well. We have won the IMS Offshore World Championship, won the prestigious Kiel Regatta, Sailing Week in Cowes, won prizes in famous European competitions: Obelix Trophy and Le Spi Ouest-France. At the Tenzor International Cup, we will have fun and train in racing mode. Of course, we do not set ourselves serious sports tasks, but we will try to perform well. I didn’t sail on the mX700, but I have a lot of experience on the J/70 boats. I have never gone to the waters of the Pestovsky reservoir, but my team members raced there, so they will prompt and tell all the nuances.”