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Mikhail Sheremetyev: “We hope to approach the Tenzor International Cup 2023 in the best shape!”

The team with the updated name “Hubex/Pirogovo” is actively preparing for the Tenzor International Cup 2023 tournament in order to compete for prizes again. The key staff of the team will be made up of professional yachtsmen – brothers Maxim and Mikhail Sheremetyev, Pavel Sysoev, and experienced Kirill Frolov and Alexander Yezhkov will be at the helm this season.

Preparation for the Russian season began for the team in Turkey with training camps and participation in the Turkish regatta series Tour of Turkey, so the crew plans to approach the Tenzor International Cup 2023 in maximum athletic shape.

The team’s tactician Mikhail Sheremetyev told the details in the interview.

How is the team’s mood for the Tenzor International Cup 2023?

Mikhail Sheremetyev: “The mood is great, we are preparing in Turkey on the J/70 boat  for the upcoming season!”

Your team is a strong rival and one of the contenders for the podium. How do you assess the chances of winning?

Mikhail Sheremetyev: “There are always chances to win! This season, our training started earlier than in the past, so we hope to approach the first stage in the best shape!”

Tell us about your crew staff.

Mikhail Sheremetyev: “The composition will not be permanent: we plan to have two cool helmsmen in our team – Kirill Frolov and Alexander Yezhkov, I will be tactician, Maxim Sheremetyev on the sheets, Pavel Sysoev on the forecastle!”

According to the last season and participation in TIC-2022, did you analyze the stages of the series?

Mikhail Sheremetyev: “According to last year, we believe that everything worked out. We reached the top three, taking into account the composition of the teams and our preparation (the season was short, and there was little training, we got ourselves in shape only by autumn).”

What features of the wind conditions in the new water area in Pestovo did you note for yourself last season?

Mikhail Sheremetyev: “An interesting, sometimes unpredictable water area, it’s not easy to show stable arrivals in such wind conditions, but whoever does it – they share the podium!”