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HUBEX team: the famous line-up under the new brand at the Tenzor International Cup 2022

Well-known yachtsmen in Russia and abroad Kirill Frolov, Pavel Sysoev, Mikhail and Maxim Sheremetyev will go to the start of the first stage of the Tenzor International Cup 2022 Series under the new HUBEX team brand.

Masters of sports and masters of sports of international class, participants of the Olympic Games with a huge yachting experience behind them will undoubtedly be among the favorites of the regatta. However, to reach the podium for team in the the Tenzor International Cup 2022 will not be easy – it is necessary quickly to learn the new mX700 boat, to understand the features of the new water area of the Pestovsky reservoir and at the same time, to keep strong rivals under control.

Mikhail Sheremetyev told how the team is set up for a new challenge in his interview.

Mikhail Sheremetyev: “In the Tenzor International Cup 2022, we plan to perform in two team staff. Kirill Frolov will be at the helm in the first stage, and Sergey Sobolev will be in this position in the next stages.

We are very interested in the mX700 yacht class, we haven’t raced it yet, and it will be a new experience. The Tenzor Cup project proved to be excellent in the last two seasons, and we expect that this year we will have interesting races and the strongest teams of participants.

The water area of the Pestovsky reservoir will be a surprise for me and the team – a new location where we have never raced before. According to the information from  the guys, we understand that there are some peculiarities, but in general there are good wind conditions and a large enough area to set the distance for different wind directions.

In terms of motivation and sports goals, we always try to win, but we don’t set ourselves such a task, because it puts a little pressure psychologically. We try to show the maximum result based on our capabilities and level of readiness.

We have already started the season with the Hubex team and train in other classes – SB20, Diam24. Sergey Sobolev’s ELF team has just started to race after a long break of six months. Different teams prepare differently. Someone had a good winter season, someone is training hard now and studying the water area. We never know which place will reach, because everything is very unpredictable. It is difficult for us now to assess our strength for the TIC-22 series, because there are really a lot of unknowns – a new boat, a new water area. Of course, we expect a good result, we hope to be in the top five.”