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Elizaveta Shestakova: “I have strong mentors, I learn a lot with them”

Promising and talented yachtswoman Elizaveta Shestakova, the helmsman of the Eyed Mushrooms team, got into sailing relatively recently, in 2019. Having formed a crew, which included two professionals – a master of sports of international class Sergey Shevtsov in the position of tactician and Vitaly Rozhkov in the position of boatman, Elizaveta gained experience on the bow, and in 2022 moved to the helm.

Foreign trainings and regattas in Italy, the successful participation of the team in the winter series in Monaco 2021/2022 gave good results, and the team approached the summer season and the  “Tenzor International Cup 2022” in excellent shape.

The press service of TIC-22 asked several questions to Elizaveta Shestakova.

TIC-22: Elizaveta, tell us about the team and its unusual name.

Elizaveta Shestakova: “Our team was formed in 2021. Name “Eyed mushrooms” (“mushrooms with eyes”) it was invented with reference to Ryazan – the city where two of our team members come from.

There is a saying: “And we have mushrooms with eyes in Ryazan, they are eaten – they look.” Thus, our city is hidden in the name of the team.

I have a strong crew, in which two professionals: Sergey Shevtsov, unfortunately, due to the current situation in the world, will not be able to be with us, so for the summer season he is replaced by Valery Zatsarinsky, as a tactician, and Vitaly Rozhkov is a boatman. They have extensive experience in participating in sailing competitions in different yacht classes, a great sporting history in foreign regattas and series. I used to be a bowman, and this season I discover for myself for the first time on the helm.

TIC-22: What is the place of sailing in your life, and how did you get into the sail?

Elizaveta Shestakova: “I got into sailing in 2019, at a regatta in Greece, when I wanted to get away from everything and catch new sensations. Since then, it got me inside, this sport has become the main hobby. For me, this is the best reboot that gives only positive emotions.

TIC-22: What goals does the team set for the Tenzor International Cup series?

Elizaveta Shestakova: “Have fun and chase in a new water area for us! I have strong mentors on board, I learn a lot with them. And, of course, our result is interesting in comparison with strong rivals.”