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Elena Mukhametzyanova: “The most important thing in our team is mutual understanding and friendship”

The large sailing family SKOLKOVO SAILING TEAM will exhibit a record number of teams at the Tenzor International Cup 2023 – there will be four of them! Performing in status regattas, raising the level of personal and team skills, setting goals and achieving them – these are the ideological foundations of the SKOLKOVO Sailing Club, formed on the basis of the Skolkovo Business School 10 years ago, in 2013.

Elena Mukhametzyanova, the helmswoman of the “Skolkovo Sailing Team 1”, started sailing from the moment of the club’s foundation, devoting all her free time to her favorite hobby. Together with her, two more graduates of the Skolkovo business school joined the friendly team – trimmer Radmila Khamzina and bowman Andrey Davidyuk, and professional yachtsman and tactician Alexey Vasiliev strengthened the team from 2022. Purposefulness, joint decision-making, team spirit and friendly relations allow “Skolkovo Sailing Team 1” to cope with serious sports tasks. In the season of Tenzor International Cup 2022, at the third stage of the tournament, the team jumped into the top five, Elena Mukhametzyanova became the best helswoman of the stage, and according to the results of the entire series “Skolkovo Sailing Team 1” approached the top ten, taking 11th place in the overall ranking of 32 teams.

In an interview with the press service of the tournament, Elena told about the expectations and preparations for TIC-2023.

Elena, with what expectations and tasks are you preparing for the Tenzor International Cup 2023 series?

Elena Mukhametzyanova: “First of all, we are waiting for the start of the season, we really miss the waters of our native Moscow, but we do not waste time in vain, we train in marine conditions, which allows us to approach the season in even better shape than at the end of last year. We are preparing to show the best possible result at TIC-2023, while enjoying every race.”

During last year’s TIC-2022 season, did you manage to study your rivals and the water area? Do you think it helps in the fight, and do you use it?

Elena Mukhametzyanova: “We have known our opponents for quite a long time, except for new teams, but we are primarily focused on our skills and results. As for the water area, over the past season it turned out to explore slightly different directions, but we all know that each race can bring surprises.”

Every race starts at the starting line, and a lot depends on the successful start. At the third stage of TIC-2022, you had three consecutive successful races with arrivals of 1-2-3. How did they work out?

Elena Mukhametzyanova: “Of course, the result of each race depends very much on the start, especially when there are 15 strong teams on the same line that do not forgive mistakes. Just remembering three successful races in a row, and indeed the whole regatta, where we got the good starts, it was easier to act further.”

There are two girls in your team — you are the helmswoman and Radmila Khamzina is the trimmer. How is the interaction with the male half of the crew functional and emotional? Are all athletes on the boat and everyone is equal, or do men show more care and help?

Elena Mukhametzyanova: “The most important thing in our team is mutual understanding and friendship, we get great pleasure being in the same boat. It is easier to achieve results when you are confident in each of the members of your team. Of course, everyone in our boat is equal, but help and care are always shown!”