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Denis Shapovalov: “Our team claims to win the Tenzor International Cup 2022”

The team “Moscow Sailing Academy” of Denis Shapovalov decided to participate in the Tenzor International Cup 2022 series in order to compete in a strong line-up of participants and fight for victory. The team represents Moscow and Saratov.

The crew will include: experienced helmsman Denis Shapovalov, master of sports of international class Andrey Nikolaev, together with his son, master of sports Alexey Nikolaev, and a talented yachtswoman, master of sports Victoria Chizhikova.

Denis Shapovalov: “I am the head of the Moscow Sailing Academy sports team and the company of the same name, which is engaged in the promotion of the sail in Russia. Watching the Tenzor Cup series for the second year, we know that strong teams gather here, and the main interest for us is to compete in a strong list of participants.

I will race as a helmsman, and I’ve been sailing since 1986. I have an experienced team with whom the most serious sports tasks can be accomplished. We claim victory and are ready to fight for the victory and the prize fund of the series. The water area of the Pestovsky reservoir is not new for us – since 2000 we have been there at the Moscow Cruising Yacht Championship. An interesting and beautiful water area, where the wind conditions are very good, and the distance can be set in different ways. I know the location of the yacht club well – a great place with excellent infrastructure. Our Academy is a member of the mX700 Class Association, we have a fleet of these yachts, and we are successfully promoting this class. The mood for the regatta is good, we are waiting for bright and interesting races!”.