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Belka Sailing Team will perform in the Tenzor International Cup 2022 in an updated lineup

The founder of the Belka Sailing Team, Matteo Mirella, is from Italy. Since the age of 17, sailing has become a part of his life, and to this day Matteo enthusiastically goes to regattas and participates in various competitions.

In the Tenzor International Cup 2022, the Belka Sailing Team will perform in an updated staff – the team will be strengthened by master of sports Leonid Klepikov and master of sports of international class, participant of the Olympic Games in Beijing Sergey Komissarov.

Matteo Mirella: “This is the third year we have been participating in the Tenzor Cup competitions as a Belka Sailing Team. We like this Series, all the strongest Russian teams are gathered here, we know a lot of participants and are satisfied with the organization. This season, our helmsman has changed, now it’s Vasily Kharabardin. As a tactician at the first stage of the Tenzor International Cup 2022, Sergey Komissarov will race, Vasily Kharabardin – on the helm, me, Matteo Mirella – as bowman, and Leonid Klepikov will be responsible for the staysail/genaker. This is only the second time we will perform with such a team, the first regatta was at the J/70 Russian Cup. Each crew needs a run-in, but we have enough experience, and we hope to show a good result. We really like mX700 boats, we participate in both the summer and winter ZigZag Cup on them, so we want to continue to master this class of yachts. The behavior of the sail and maneuvers are similar to J/70, but there are quite a lot of differences. I have never raced at the Pestovsky reservoir, only my son studied here on boats of the Luch class. It is interesting to explore a new water area, and I think we will cope with it without any problems.”