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Andrey Bratan: “The PAVETRA team is preparing to improve the result on Tenzor International Cup 2023»

The experienced PAVETRA team, represented by an international crew of Belarusian and Russian yachtsmen led by Andrey Bratan, has visited various corners of the world during its sailing career, conquering the seas and oceans. The 600-mile Rolex Middle Sea Race regatta ended for the team in the top ten, the European Championship 2021 in the J/70 class brought victory in the “Silver fleet”, and at the regattas in Croatia, Marmaris and Gocek in 2019-2020, the team climbed to the podium, taking prizes.

The PAVETRA team’s busy calendar of regattas for the 2023 season has already started and it’s nice that it includes all stages of the Tenzor International Cup series, for which active preparations are already underway.

We talked with PAVETRA team helmsman Andrey Bratan about the changes in the team’s composition, training in Italy and Malaysia, and the goals at the Tenzor International Cup 2023.

Andrey Bratan: “The 2022 season and the Tenzor International Cup series were remembered for the opening of the new yacht club Tenzor Sailing Club, a good level of competition organization, and of course, bright and interesting races. The readiness of the boats and the excellent condition of the fleet complemented the positive impressions. In the sporting aspect, our team, unfortunately, failed to impose a fight on the leading teams during the tournament. However, from the position of the helmsman, I managed to get a better feel for the mX700 boat, because it is different from other boats I have been on.

This year, the PAVETRA team will perform at the Tenzor International Cup 2023 in an updated lineup. On tactics – Vladimir Chaus, bowman – Roman Grankin, trimmer – Ilya Fear, helmsmen – Alexandra Chicherova and Andrey Bratan. Considering that we have a lot of competitions planned, including international trips, and some of them overlap with each other, a decision was made about the entry registration in this team staff.

The task for the season is to fight for the highest places, and at least improve your last year’s result. Taking into account the fact that we have changes in the crew, and time is needed for adapting and communication, we will go to the goal step by step. I will also sail on helm in Europe in an Italian crew, so we will fight on two fronts. Training is ongoing – we raced in Sochi in winter, I also train at the Pisa Yacht Club in preparation for the Italian Championship, in January the PAVETRA team raced in Malaysia at the regatta Royal Langkawi International Race 2023, where we took 4th place. We are looking forward to the start of the active sailing season and will race in full force”!