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“Alice” and “Nord” at the start of the first stage of the Tenzor International Cup 2022

We are pleased to present two new participating teams of the first stage of the Tenzor International Cup 2022.

The Alice team of Vladislav Ivanovsky and the Nord team of Konstantin Nosov.

Vladislav Ivanovsky: “Our expectations are the highest, despite the fact that our team is inexperienced: two of the four crew members are beginners, and I have only a little experience walking in this class. I have been doing sailing for a long time, I have raced both on centerboard boat and in Olympic classes. I’ve been racing SB20 for the last 10 years, and I’ve been driving mX700 for a couple of years. The Pestovsky reservoir is not familiar to us yet, we only went to the weekend races a couple of times. Regarding the water area: typical lake specification, the setting wind, gusty, and this gives a special excitement to the races: almost until the last moment you can’t be sure if everything is good or bad. This brings a certain moment of surprise into the race, and we like it and we want to try ourselves in this. From a technical point of view, we are not very prepared, but we will try and fight. I will be the helmsman in the crew, Ilya Ustimenko will be on the breaststroke and mainsail, Konstantin Potoshin will be responsible for the staysail, and Dmitry Nosov, the largest member of the team in physical dimensions, his main task is to move synchronously with us, and to roll the boat if there are such weather conditions. We haven’t come out with such a composition yet, but, undoubtedly, I have already sailed with each of the team members. We want to see what we will get at the first stage of TIC. We are determined to go through the whole series!”.

Konstantin Nosov told about the tasks of the Nord team.

Konstantin Nosov: “Among our tasks is to get acquainted with a new water area, improve the level of skill, enjoy the regatta, and, if possible, be in the top three. I have known the mX700 boats since its appearance, I have already participated in the mX700 Cup and the National Sailing League on these boats. I act as a skipper/tactician, Alexey Sudaev on the staysail and genaker and Mikhail Kovalev on the forecastle. This season is the first regatta and it will be very nice to start the season with the Tenzor International Cup 2022!